Acid Jiz and Orion


We began the evening in combat with a giant jism blob. Although we do NOT swallow, it certainly did, engulfing first Despair and then Glint in its acidic embrace. However, after about, oh, 4 hours of disgusting combat, we prevailed, albeit as sticky as porn stars. Despair found a gift-wrapped pair of spell-enhancing gloves and we were teleported back to the mansion.

Trying to jump start the proceedings, the drow rogue Malklyr rushed into the greenhouse by himself and snatched the statue off the pedestal. Unfortunately, at this point the vegetative inhabitants of the arboretum rose up to entangle my black ass. Malklyr cast a globe of darkness and hacked his way out through the writhing vines, naturally managing to drop the fucking statue on the way. This unfortunate roll required the pyromancer (at least in her mind) to go absolutely ballistic on the greenhouse, creating a conflagration which destroyed the plant creatures but also almost engulfed the entire mansion in glames. We recover the statue from the smoking ruins of the greenhouse, popped it into the cabinet (2 down, 2 to go), and continued our search of the building.

Upstairs, we stumbled into a room with glowing spots all over its floor. Quelaina recognized it as an outline of the constellation Orion, and Glint the Brilliant (just shows what Chris can do when he isn’t stoned!) figured out how to trace from one mark to the next to outline the pattern. This opened up an inter-dimensional portal to some kind of lightning beast which died upon smelling all the rancid caked-on jism all over our armor. Quelaina got her present (Gloves of the Pyromaniac), and we retired for the night.

Second half of demon bashing
So in this installment you found yourselves up against the boss at the end of the dungeon and his cronies. They had an illusion of a treasure chest in the room and when the suspicious drow tried to sneak in the room they attacked from their secret alcoves. Malklyr scampered back into the next room with his allies but the wall collapsed and all hell broke loose. In the epic battle that ensued poor Adara was slain by the foul demon following a series of abysmal rolls. in the next room the party encountered two puzzles that they quickly solved (I will have to make them harder). One held a magical pearl called the orb of light currently carried by Mikal. The other puzzle gave you access to talk to the soul of the demon who calls these foul caves home. Though you were not of a power high enough to banish him from here he was willing to give you the alchemist you wanted just to get rid of you. When you found the alchemist he turned out not to be evil but just trying to save his infected family that he had held in stasis. With a little kindness, from Mikal not Malklyr, you quickly made friends with him and he showed you the ancient tunnels below the caves that you can now use as your base of operations. He also made you some potions and you said you would gather supplies for him if he ever needed them. He also gave you a copy of his work in trying to find a cure for lychanthropy. The party then headed for Gavony. The town was visible from miles and miles away as the area glowed as bright as the sun. When you got closer you saw that it was not one light but many mounted on towers surrounding the city for miles around. The giant burning globes all appear to have the silhouette of a woman in the center of them. You walk on a paved highway now with the darkness of night held at bay by the hundreds of flaming towers, all around you is farmland and graveyards with the massive walls of Gavony ahead of you.
The first half of the plague demons.

This wonderful chapter in our adventure log was written my Malklyr (Dave) so lets all thank him.

After defeating the plague demons and sewing up Malklyr’s entrails, the party searched the evil altar chamber. In an adjoining room was a blood-filled basin, under which we found a sack of glowing crystal shards (which crank up a skill for a time). Hungry for treasure, we tinkered with a hidden teleportation glyph on the floor in an effort to get to the riches beneath the plague worms in the sacrificial pit. However, eventually we gave up and left the area behind to the delight of our evil DM. Malklyr opened up a door on the other side of the dungeon and was immediately attacked by bender demons and minion hounds. Mid-battle, the sorceress/were-spider re-appeared and combat got ugly until we dispatched the evil bitch to hell at last. On her body we found a magical dagger (to Malklyr), a jeweled necklace and her teleportation chain necklace (which no one wants to use cuz it has a 50% chance of sapping a healing surge permanently with each use). We were torn, bloody and tired so we tried to take a heal break. Alas, the DM rolled 3 consecutive 96’s and a succubus wandered into the room. She dominated the tiny mind of Glint the Dwarf, who tried to protect her from his more intelligent allies, but we snuck enough hits past the dim-wit to slay the demoness and claim her razor scale armor. Still ravenous for treasure, we continued through the halls until, at long last, Malklyr the drow found a secret door leading to 2 treasure rooms. In the 1st we found 4 potions of cure disease, and a potion of dragon breath. In the 2nd, we found 12 lighting crossbow bolts (to Malklyr), a rod of blasting (to Despair), a magical hammer (to Glint), and a holy morning star (to Mikal). Our hunger for treasure sated, and our DM completely hammered, we retired for the evening triumphant.

Assault on the Alchemist Tower

Through the tower’s secret back entrance, up an elevator shaft and through a narrow trap filled stairway we journeyed in our quest to locate the alchemist and his stolen tome of lycanthropy. Malklyr the rogue discovered a stairway concealed in the very walls of the tower. This gained access to the top level where we found the alchemist being brutalized by a female warlock. She was frustratingly difficult to engage as she kept flipping acrobatically across the room after attacking us. She also regenerated which didn’t help our cause. The injured alchemist used a conveniently placed ballista to shoot a rope out the window. After throwing some kind of animation potion on the dragon parts in the room, he slid down the rope escaping. As the dragon seemed to be reforming and the warlock bitch was invisible, we decided to snag as much shift as possible and follow I’m out the window. Good thing too cuz the tower crumbled a few turns later. Not before the warlock turned into a giant spider and scampered down the wall to safety unfortunately.

At the bottom of our zip line we found a cave network full of traps but devoid of treasure. Also there were pools of plague demon jism on the corridor floors. A last we discovered a catwalk suspended over an altar chamber with a number of nasty looking chaos demons throwing body parts into a pit. The drow scampered silently across to explore the other side. However upon return, he tripped on his bootlaces (fumble) activating the trap which collapsed the catwalk, and sent him crashing down into the demon infested chamber below. He was quickly eviscerated and it looked like the demons would succeed where his drow bitch mother has failed to slay him.

Until, that is, his trusty allies rained down with furious vengeance upon the demons! Adara impaled one with her magical sword killing it in one blow (crit). The priest of death Mikal brought Malklyr back from his master’s dark door and somehow we destroyed the demons. (It is probable that Adara contracted a horrible disease in the process.)

Now we recover in the stinky chamber of death and demon jiz. There was a diamond necklace on the boss bender demon. There is one door out of the chamber.

The Alchemists Tower Part 1

So after witnessing the [[Birth of a blood knight. | Birth of a blood knight.]] and talking with Mivashan the party decides to go and kill the alchemist. Here is some of the conversation with Mivashan in case you have forgotten ;)
“When we cleared out this tower a lychanthrope of some unpleasant kind or another stole some ingredients from the vampires store cupboards. Corthyra there tracked him to another tower in the forest north-east of here. This along with some other rumors that have been around have led us to believe that it is the tower of an alchemist who has claimed to have a cure for lychanthrope. More than likely it is a lie to lure in more victims for whatever evil experiments he is running but we need to look into it. Normally we would send silver hunters or shadow lurkers to deal with this problem but they have inherit value to us. You on the other hand have no value as of yet.” He holds out his hand and one of the knights hands him another rolled up parchment he then hands it to the party. “This is an edict that grants you the right to use deadly force to deal with this problem. Kill the alchemist, practicing alchemy without the permission of ”/campaign/gavony/wikis/the-seven-orbs" class=“wiki-page-link”> The Seven Orbs is a capitol offense, and kill any weres you may find there as well. The most important thing though is that you must secure his research notes, on the off chance that he might have worked out a cure. Anything you find that is not an illegal substance you may keep. If you succeed in return i vow to speak well of you in the township of Gavony."
As he says this last part his eyes and ring both flash brightly and you get the sense that a contract has been made. He hands the party the other piece of parchment.
“This is a map with the location of the tower marked on it. After you have dealt with the problem you can find me in Gavony. It too is marked on the map. A little advice, don’t travel by night, as the sun sets take whatever shelter you can but if you are above ground DO NOT LIGHT A FIRE. It will only call vampires, weres, or demons down on you .” He waves his hand and another night removes some times from a few of the hoses and brings them to the party. it is a silver craghammer a short sword and a morning star. “These will help, they are silver and will interfere with a weres regeneration. you can keep them if you succeed. If you fail it won’t matter.” He says with a chuckle. “I recommend you get to the tower today before dark. In three days i send in the silver hunters so don’t dally. I await your arrival in gavony.” And with that he mounts his horse and rides away."

The party sets out and camps in a cave half way to the tower. While camping you are attacked by a strange four armed demon. After a hard fight the demon is slain and you acquire a ring from him called the ring of perfect grip.

You then set out for the alchemists tower finding it around mid day. The tower was located on a high bluff accessible by a narrow guarded ridge. Malklyr scouted around the bluff and found a secret door leading into the long unused and trapped passages under the tower. After a long arduous trek and a fun encounter with the deff rolla you made your way to the first floor and battled a couple were crocodiles. This is where we left off on the first floor of the tower.

Chasing rats

We started our session with the party rushing down the hallways trying to catch the wererat that had escaped the last battle. They manage to catch up to him just as he was about to scuttle up a sewage drain. Malklyr had one chance with his crossbow and managed to make the shot. After taking stock of the situation Malklyr and Despair head up the sewage drain. After they get to the top the prospect of fresh air is too much Malklry and his head bursts out of the tunnel alerting the wererats to their presence and battle ensues. Two of the wererats rush the tunnel and Malklyr get hit by both as he scrambles out of the tunnel. He drops a cloud of darkness at the tunnel mouth to allow Despair to exit under cover. At first glance this might seem very un-drow like but he didn’t fancy the idea of being the only person up above with the three wererats, one of which was wearing very shiny chainmail armor. Down below Mikal starts to climb up the sewer shaft while Glint (who was too big to fit in the shaft) starts to climb the posts to get to the chain spiral staircase. In a ver un dwarf like fashion he hops nimbly from post to post then falls off the simple plank leading to the staircase. Up above Malklyr notices that the boss wererat has his hand on a lever that when pulled will send the whole chain staircases crashing to the bottom of the pit. The fight continues as Glint continues to try to ascend and Mikal makes it to the top and heals Malklyr. At this point the boss decides he needs to get in the fight so he pulls the lever and rushes forward. The staircase crashes down with a thundourous roar and Glint just manages to get out of the way. While the others fight for their lives against a regenerating wererat Glint searches the caves down below and finds a secret room that held 4 healing potions and 20gp. The rest of the party is in dire straights they have used most of their encounter powers and all of their daily powers and though they have managed to kill to two little guys the boss is still kicking their ass. Then with some amazing luck Malklyr crits the boss and kills him. (Thank god because I thought you were all going to die). The party finds 6gp and a ruby worth 100gp.
After retrieving Glint from the bottom of the pit they inspect the mirrors and the next chamber. In the next chamber there are twelve more mirrors that seem to amplify any light that strikes them and there is a cauldron of liquid sunlight. Malklyr dips his arrow in the cauldron and as he removes it a portion of the light sticks to the arrow. He applies it to more of his arrows but no one else seems to pay any attention. They inspect further and ind a set of doors at the end of a corridor. The doors are painted with three vampires standing on a pile of mutilated corpses. They use the mirrors to get extremely bright sunlight shining at the doors then open them. The room is a large vaulted chamber painted with grotesque scenes of torture and debauchery and there is a door on the other side of the room with a painting of a vampire on a throne with two female vampires hanging on him. There is also three coffins in the room. Mikal moves into the room and opens one of the coffins. A vampire jumps out and is disintegrated by the direct sunlight. They disintegrate the other two vampires but sadly find no treasure on them. They rearrange there mirrors and move onto the next room. Malklyr and Glint move into the room. THe paintings on the walls here are so disgusting that Glint almost vomits but Malklyr is not bothered by them. The party sees two small and one large coffin and a throne at the far end of the room. At this point the large coffin bursts open and a vampire jumps out passing right through the bright sunlight with no ill effects then starts climbing on the ceiling. This is where we ended. Please feel free to add comments to the adventure log. It can be anything you thought was note worthy and should be mentioned or just something you liked or didn’t like.

Dungeon hack.
Our broke adventurers found themselves in the town of East Catch hoping to find work in the emperial army. Having arrived just after dark the gates to the city of Elios we’re closed and thus they entered a small and over priced tavern called Vigano’s Tavern run surprisingly by Vigano. After paying for one extremely over priced drink a tall man named Volarious Pantiusin Emperial Armor walks in and offers to buy everyone drinks. After just one drink everyone fails thier first save (only a 6 or better was needed to pass) and succumbs to the sleeping potion in the drinks. The nest morning Glint, Despair, Mikal, and Malklyr find themselves chained together at the ore of a ship. (nothing ties a party together like iron chains). After a few days at sea a large storm comes upon the ship. That night while the waves crashed over the sides of the ship and the lightning crackled and the thunder boomed our party decided to make their escape. At this point the sea started wispering to the party letting them know that the ship had been blown off course and entered the cursed whispering sea. With all the guards cowering wherever they could to stay out of the storm and away from whatever horors lurked in the waters it was easy for the party to yank out the spike holding them in place and make their way to the cargo hold. Once in the cargo hold they found thier gear and decided to free themselves from the chains using Glint’s hammer. They proceeded to miss the chain repeatedly and hit their ankles with a long series or impressively bad rolls. Eventually with seriously bleeding ankles they were free. At this point some arguing ensued, Despair wanted to loot all the other chests and Malklyr wanted to capture the ship as thier own while Glint just wanted to get off the boat. With the voices from the sea reaching a screaming pitch they decided to make for the long boat. As they came back on deck the waves crashing over the sides had white hands in them that grasped at them trying to pull them off the boat. Just managing to get to the long boat they cut the ropes and were tossed into the raging storm. As the party looked back they saw the ship being pulled under by giant tenacles. The crew of the ship must have been enough for whatever cursed creatures lived beneath the waves because they left the long boat alone as it was tossed about by the storm. After some time the boat crashed against some rocks and they managed to make it to a beach. As soon as they were ashore the storm died down rather quickly and the party saw a fishing village as dawn started to break. The party snuck into the village. Malklyr stepped over a sleeping child who had sheltered under an overhang by a cave opening and headed among the buildings. A man stepped out of a building and stretched, from the shadows Malklyr aimed his crossbow and fired hitting him in the chest. He managed to scream a warning before the next shot killed him. The people transformed into wererats and a battle ensued. As they fought the battle moved into the mouth of the cave and all the wererats were killed except for the child who changed form into a rat and scuttled down ont of the dark tunnels. This is where our next gaming day finds us.

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